Requirements Engineering

The first and foremost step in any software application development is Requirements Engineering. The application may be of any type, it needs to be built on the appropriate requirements. So the process of requirements engineering includes formulating, documenting and maintaining the software requirements.

Bluepond’s consultants follow the steps below to gather requirements and business needs for the software application development for any organization :

  • Requirements inception and identification.
  • Requirements analysis and definition - understanding requirements and resolving user’s conflicts.
  • Requirements specification - documenting the requirements in a requirements document.
  • System modelling - deriving models of the system, often using a notation such as the Unified Modelling Language.
  • Requirements validation - checking that the documented requirements and models are consistent and meet user needs.
  • Requirements management - managing changes to the requirements as the system is developed and put into use.

To establish regular communication between the business user and the development team, Bluepond deputes an experienced team of consultants to the user’s site who can gather real time business needs and can define the same in a requirements specification document.

Our teams have had experience in the Requirements Engineering process across systems from various industry domains and at different phases of their development phase. Our previous work has extended from Requirements Engineering for white field systems, re-engineered systems, and modernized systems.