Documentation Services

Many small and medium enterprises are involved in deploying IT systems throughout their internal departments, or to various stakeholders externally. Many firms are in the process of developing applications which can be sold as products to end users. While development is one of the most difficult tasks, user training and adoption are a major challenge in themselves. Creating user adoption or preparing training materials requires a balanced understanding of both the application and its users. Bluepond with its experienced team of professionals is in a strategic position to provide such support.

Documentation is one of the most under-rated activities in an organization. People prefer to do things than writing the steps involved in executing the process in words. However, for introduction of new systems or processes, help manuals or process documents, especially in large organizations, are a must. Help manuals and technical documentations guide and train users to enable their transition from a legacy system or process into a new one. They constitute the first level of support for users when confronted with learning something new. Change in general is intimidating, and so these documents need to keep both the legacy application and the new system in mind to ease the transition of the users.

Our team of technical writers and editors make documentation and manual creation a simple task for you. We start by understanding the application/process, and then move on to understanding the various stakeholders’ needs. Based on a holistic view, we can provide the following solutions:

  • Online Help Manual/Help Center creation, integration and deployment.
  • Print Manual/User Guide creation and production.
  • Audio/Visual presentations for user enablement.
  • User adoption guides.