Data Analytics

Everything that refers to qualitative & quantitative techniques, and to processes used to enhance productivity and business gain is Data Analytics. We, at Bluepond, extract and categorize business data to identify and analyze behavioural patterns and techniques according to organizational requirements. This data can prove to be highly effective in getting the desired reports to help improve business processes.

Even in today’s technology driven world, 80% of the internal and external data of an organization is unstructured. Most business processes rely on the small amount of structured data that is available within the enterprise. Using the entire set of business data, our teams at Bluepond help organizations make more informed decisions. Our consultants provide improved methods and techniques to organizations to help them measure performance in a better way.

Our Approach :

At Bluepond, we like to begin with developing prototypes and models with sample data sets before we take on the entire data aggregated by an organization. We take a sample set of data from the main data pool to study its structure, flow, utility and applicability. Various characteristics such as scatter plots, correlations, and cross tabulation are accessed from the sample data. These precursory steps help us in defining the scope of the analysis which would be undertaken for the main data pool.

Based on our findings from the sample data and the prototype, we engage our clients in discussions to understand their concerns, outline the scope of the analysis and solution, and integrate extra tasks which need to be performed on the data pool. It is only after receiving client approval on our approach and prototype do we begin work on the actual solution.

Our BI teams constantly work towards finding the simplest techniques for data collection, analysis and generating solutions for almost all levels of operation in any business and industry.

Our specialization lies in the following sectors :

  • Financial Services
  • Banking
  • Commodity and Energy Trading
  • Currency and Stocks Trading
  • Consumer Goods and Retail